Dr. Amelia Romanowsky is a licensed psychologist, teacher, and author. She brings a wealth of experience to the field, integrating mind and body centered approaches. Her therapy is oriented towards healing and growth.

A little therapy can go a long way.

Therapy can help you feel powerful to make positive changes in your life. My passion is helping you have great relationships with your loved ones and yourself. I offer individual and couples therapy to help you reach this goal.

People come to therapy because negative emotions such as anger, sadness and anxiety are causing suffering. Often, people are also afraid to let themselves feel love and joy. All emotions are expressed in the body as well as the mind.

I can show you how to use emotion to create more intimacy and connection with others and with yourself.

I work often in partnership with your medical doctor, as well as refer to other healthcare practitioners, such as psychiatrists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, yoga therapists, and others.

Helping Create Intimacy and Connection

Office in Maplewood, NJ

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